Monday, Monday

As those of you who know me on Facebook know, I love Monday. Today, my friend Sharon Lee asked her readers how the start of their week was going. Being as I’m a reader, I put chin in hand and thought about it. Being as I’m a writer, I decided to blog it, too.

I completed the major revisions on Daughters of Suralia yesterday. Last night, The Husband read the first six chapters and made notes, and I began the day by going through them, evaluating his suggestions and combing the manuscript for errors great and small. I moved a scene from one place to another, where I hope it will fit better. While I wait for him to read through more chapters to check for Continuity Errors and Other Such Things, I found time on my hands. Actual time. After doing very little else since Jan 21st than sit at my computer and stare at a manuscript, you could color me Restless.

What did I do with the time, you ask? Well.

I played a little Venice Mystery on my smartphone, on Hard.

I read a little of Dragon’s Tongue, by fellow Sky Warrior author Laura J. Underwood.

I stared at The Peshawar Lancers, by S.M. Stirling, of which I have read the first chapter, but I did not pick it up. Perhaps I will later this evening.

I completed a few quests in Free Realms, which game is due to be shut down in 3 weeks, more’s the pity. A very simple game, designed for children, but I enjoy it and have played it off and on since beta, as I had sprung for a lifetime membership.

I had my usual lunch of fruit and yogurt with protein powder, and a supper of a half-plate of PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef, hold the onions, with white rice.

The Husband is now reading a few more chapters of Daughters, which I believe I shall not touch again until tomorrow morning.

I’m feeling quite peaceful, at the moment.