Guest Post – Sam Cheever on Good Versus Evil

USA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever joins me on the blog today. Her work includes over 50 published novels of romantic suspense and fantasy/paranormal under several noms de plume, celebrating the joy of love in all its forms. Take it away, Sam!

Good Versus Evil — Why This Type of Story Speaks to us

The good versus evil fight has fascinated mankind from our earliest days and has infused some of the best fictional books ever written. Book series such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Hunger Games, have transformed and kept the discussion alive through great stories that we can relate to and embrace.

So why are we so fascinated with the concept? I think it’s because reading a story where fictional characters manage to outsmart and overcome evil gives us power. It infuses us with the belief that it is possible to rise up against something terrible and not only survive but even thrive. It provides us with a sense of hope in a world that sometimes sucks the feelings of hope right out of us.

When the good vs. evil story includes critters from our oldest history—such as biblical creatures like devils, demons, and angels—the battle is even more fun, because we consider these creatures to have the ultimate power for good or evil, which makes their flight across the pages of our fiction even more fascinating.

I write a lot of stories founded on the concept of good versus evil. Like many people, I’m fascinated with the notion of evil. Is there true evil in the world? Or is evil really just a series of layers, ranging from charcoal gray to a lighter gray? I personally believe evil does exist. Which is why I enjoy creating stories where good tromps evil…at least for a while! #:0)

Guest_Sam Cheever_Bedeviled&Beguiled_300x450In my Bedeviled & Beyond series, I created a warrior race that walks the line between good and evil and, though my heroine, Astra Q Phelps, works mainly with the angelic realm to defeat evil, she also has a foot in the world of devils, specifically the rulers of the dark world, the Royal Devils. This dichotomy makes Astra’s story interesting and creates a built-in tension that brings the stories to life for the reader. Since I began the series, which has grown to include 6 books and some short stories, I’ve written a lot of books about different paranormal creatures with the concept of good versus evil. But what about contemporary romance? Can the same concept be applied to people in real situations, set in a real world setting? I believe it can. In fact, it might even be easier to understand when put into the context of real world experience.

In my soon to be released romantic suspense, Slow Burner, the hero and heroine find themselves haunted by true evil, in the form of a nemesis who uses fire to kill and gain revenge. In a deadly game of cat and mouse, Hilda Bennet and Duncan Yves will struggle to stay alive even as they fight to hold onto the love they forged over a decade earlier…a love the monster who calls himself The Artist hasn’t yet managed to destroy. Though he’s certainly tried.

Guest_Sam Cheever_slowburner_300x450The book is part of a 7-Author box set about sexy firefighters, which will release on September 29th. Here’s a little taste of this sexy, exciting romantic suspense:

A love that burns slowly burns longest, creating the greatest heat.

Though they haven’t seen each other for fifteen years, Duncan Yves has never forgotten Hilda Bennet, or the feelings of love and protection she engendered in him when they were kids. So when she becomes the target of a madman who kills with fire and calls his deadly work Art, it seems perfectly natural for Duncan to try to protect her. Unfortunately, he soon learns that protecting Hilda just might bring the past crashing back down on both of them.

Hilda was just a girl when she last saw Duncan, and her childish dreams of living with him behind a picket fence were squashed when he went away. But when they finally find each other again, the past that separated them all those years earlier still seems determined to keep them apart.

Can they nurture the embers of a love that was forged in childhood into the full-fledged inferno it seems destined to be? Or will the destruction of yesterday’s fire finally smother that blossoming flame, and leave their love in ashes?


He’d watched as Yves crouched in the yard, running the fingers of one hand over the frozen ground. A moment later the other man had straightened, his gaze sliding around the yard. Pressing more deeply into the shadows at the back of the yard, the watcher felt his pulse spiking as irrational anger surged.

Yves was like a Chihuahua on the back of his leg. Teeth buried deep, shaking hard. He was always a few steps behind, challenging him to climb to even greater heights of artistry, making him long for the notoriety his art deserved. Forcing air into his lungs, he made himself exhale softly. And felt better.

Yves might suspect that the recent spate of fires were arson, but he hadn’t been able to prove it yet. And the cocky young investigator wouldn’t prove it. Because he’d met his match this time. And, after the watcher climbed deep inside Yves brain and played with his confidence for a while, he’d make him pay for being a son of a bitch.

He’d pay in the only way that made sense.

That day was coming. Soon. But before he could feel the joy of Duncan Yves’s destruction, the Artist had work to do.

And a fine body of work it would be.


Shiver…evil has many faces. But once recognized, evil doesn’t stand a chance against the force of love. Well…at least in my world. That’s why I like writing good versus evil. Because I love being the one to smack evil upside the head…and let the light of goodness scorch it from existence. I hope you’ll join me in that battle!

Guest_Sam Cheever_AnthologyINTO THE FLAMES: Firefighter Multi-Author Boxed Set Anthology
Release Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2015
ISBN: 9781626228832 (Seaside Publications)
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Firefighters. The word ignites bold images of heroes in dust covered helmets and ash stained turnouts who defy the odds and press on in the presence of danger.

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Rescue Me by N.J. Walters
When firefighter Frank Ellis rescues an old flame from a burning building, sparks ignite. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means she discovers he’s a mythical phoenix.

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Where There’s Smoke by Cindy Spencer Pape
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FireBrew by Liz Crowe
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Hook Me Up by Adele Downs
Firemen don’t free cats from trees anymore—until a pretty schoolteacher gets trapped on a limb with her kitten and the county’s hottest firefighter comes to their rescue.

Slow Burner by Sam Cheever
A love that burns slowly burns longest, creating the greatest heat.

Uncontrolled Burn: A RISEN Team Novel by Nina Pierce
A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose. A vampire bound by honor to protect humans. A deadly game of revenge that threatens both their lives …

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