Snippet Sunday

Since Marianne leaves for Beta Hydri on Christmas morning, here’s a little something in tune with the season:
            The big
underground mall in Des Moines was packed with Christmas shoppers. Marianne sat
at a table in a fast food restaurant, picking at a salad while her childhood
friend Susan wolfed down a bacon double cheeseburger.
            “So,” Susan
said. “Are you coming to the Christmas Eve party Tuesday?”
waffled. “Do you know how early I have to get up Wednesday morning?”
            “Come on,
you’ll have eighteen hours to sleep on the way to Tau Ceti.”
rolled her eyes. “Are you coming?”
going to be there?”
            “The usual.
Yes, there will be flirting men. You’ll deal with it, you always do.”
tapped the fingers of one hand on the table and shoved lettuce around her plate
with her fork. “All right, I’ll come. But if anybody asks, I’ll tell them you
threatened to blow up my goldfish if I didn’t.”
            “Great! I’ll
tell Brenda.”

An Amazon Review That Really Got It

I didn’t emphasize the psychological study part of my novel, but I was hoping someone would notice. Someone did. In the wee hours of the night last night, my book received a review on Amazon from a domestic abuse and sexual assault crisis counselor.

It really made my day when I read it this morning. This is one of the things I was hoping to accomplish with The Marann.

Just Wow- But there might be a SPOILER
, November 25, 2012
review is from: The Marann (Tales of Tolari Space) (Kindle Edition)

So this is legit the first time I have ever written a review about
anything on Amazon. But I really wanted to express my feelings about this story
to all who are interested. I apologize for the spolier alert, but it is
essential to my views on the book. I am an avid reader of romance novels, the
raunchier the better (which can be problematic). However, I’ve noticed a
disturbing trend in almost all romance novels in regards to the treatment of
women. Sure, some readers prefer the alpha male and a submissive woman type
plot, but some authors take this to an extreme. This author, on the other hand,
made me so proud. I can say, as an advocate and crisis intervention specialist
for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, that the male protagonist
handled the profoundly complex moment of a disclosure almost perfectly. I cried
a little while reading that part of the book, so overjoyed to see this in a
romance novel. It gives me hope that writers of all genres, not just romance,
can develop plot lines and characters who go beyond the standard gender binary.
Part of my job is combating the stereotypes of survivors that our culture places
on them. In the past, survivors (both male and female) have asked me to provide
literary examples of a positive disclosure, something that is not a
non-fictional retelling. Now I am happy to say I have one novel I can

In summary- thank you Ms. or Mrs. Meierz. I cannot wait to
read your next novel.

Spoiler Sunday

The past couple of days have been very heady. The Marann has been flirting with the top 1000 paid in the Kindle Store. This morning, I woke to find it at #872. A couple of hours later, it’s at #915. Its rankings seem to peak while I’m asleep, so lately I’ve been threatening my husband that I’m going to stay up all night just to see how low it actually goes. I want to see it!

Meanwhile, my friends are geeking out. Seriously. I was on the phone with one of them when one of her friends knocked on her door. I overheard her say, “I’m talking to a bestselling author. I can’t just hang up on her!”

I had no idea what to say to that, so I just sputtered. You can’t call me a bestselling author. The Marann hasn’t made it onto a national bestseller list.

Some of my friends are saying they can. It’s on three category bestseller lists on Amazon. Solidly. It’s been as high as #4 on the space opera bestsellers and is currently #6. It’s been floating up and down between #20 and #30 in science fiction and fantasy-&-futuristic romance.

So, according to Quit Your Day Job, A Guide for the Self Published Author, I can claim bragging rights. I can call myself a Bestselling Author of Space Opera. Or (gulp!) Science Fiction. Or Futuristic Romance.

Personally, I’m most comfortable with Space Opera, because I’ve been in the top 10 most of the week. But I’m not comfortable with bragging. It’s — well — it’s bragging.

But enough on that. I’ll get to the point of why you’re here: the spoiler!

“Yeah. Tolari
are weird.”
Laura gave her
a look. “Look who’s talking. Is there a human cell left in your body?”
“Um. Not
“There you go.
I knew you were weird.”
laughed. “So how are you getting on other than that?”
“The Paran
decided I needed to speak more Paranian and stopped speaking English with me.”
snorted. “Rulers. Control freaks, the lot of them.”
Laura raised
an eyebrow. “What did the Sural do?”
“What doesn’t he do?” she retorted in
exasperation. “He controls my whole life.”
“Human men are
like that too, if they have a little power. Give them an inch, they take the planet and little Johnny’s piggy bank, too.”
“I wouldn’t
know. I never had a human man.”
living with a full admiral.”
“No thanks,” Marianne
said drily. “A Tolari ruler is bad enough.”

The Last 24 Hours


Usually, the sales rank of my novel hovers around 12k-15k, with the odd spike down into the top 10k. At that point, I usually dance around the table, and when I get back to my desk, it’s dropped back to 12k again.

Yesterday morning, it spiked higher than it’s ever been, it stayed there. And it’s still there this morning, in the top 6k. As I write The Marann‘s overall sales rank has been bumping up and down between 5k-7k for the last 24 hours, and it’s also currently at #57 in Amazon’s Best Sellers in Space Opera.

Even more interesting (to me) is my author rank. For eBooks, I’ve broken into the top 200 science fiction authors on Amazon, sitting at #195, and I’ve been in the top 350 for the past week. For all science fiction books, including print, I’m at #335 and have been in the top 500 for a week.

I am awed and grateful.

The Marann is live!


The Marann is now live on Amazon and Smashwords, and will soon be live on Barnes & Noble (we had some account difficulties there, but B&N was quite nice on the phone and said the problem would be resolved soon).

It briefly made the bottom of the Top 100 in Space Opera list on Amazon, and it is currently sitting at #11 in Science Fiction –> Space Opera at That’s just the most amazing feeling! Thank you to my dear readers!