The Fall

Laura Howard, Earth Fleet widow and exile from human space, found more than safety on Tolar: she captured the love of a Tolari ruler and became a powerful Tolari empath. But in the midst of ancient, bitter rivalries, a serious injury erases Laura’s time in Parania–and, perhaps, loses her the love of her Paran, who yearns for the woman she once was.

Armed only with the memories of her youth, and empathically bonded to a man she can no longer understand, she struggles to recover and find her place, and herself, before a hidden enemy forces the Paran to do what he had always considered unthinkable: risk his life, and Laura’s, to fight for the leadership of the ruling caste.

The Fall is the story of a world re-opened to the stars after millennia of isolation, and the hazards and opportunities that abound when one’s feelings are known to everyone around you.

We had a great release party on Monday, March 2! Special thanks to guest authors:

  • Corrina Lawson
  • Cat Rambo
  • Jael Wye
  • Steve Miller
  • Sharon Lee
  • Heather Massey
  • Laurie A. Green
  • Veronica Scott

If you missed the party, you can read the transcript here.

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