Tales of Tolari Space

By the mid-26th century, Earth and its colony worlds, now governed from Tau Ceti, had recovered from three centuries of chaos and were finally establishing a place among the races of the Trade Alliance. All that stood in the way of their continued expansion was a dangerous region of K-space called The Drift – and the reclusive race living within it: the Tolari.

The Marann recounts one woman’s journey through loneliness, shattering revelations, and attempted assassination on a world where everyone can read her emotions. Marianne Woolsey never wanted to go to Tolar, and she certainly never planned on having to decide between her loyalty to earth and her love for an alien who had befriended her.

“A beautifully realized story that proves that politically motivated space opera and tender love stories do not have to be mutually exclusive.” – Kirkus Reviews

“For anyone who enjoys tightly-written, wonderfully imaginative science fiction wrapped with romance, this one is a must!” – InD’Tale Magazine

Winner of the 2013 PRISM Award for Futuristic Romance (Romance Writers of America)

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For Marianne Woolsey, linguist and tutor, being empathically bonded to the leader of the Tolari turns out to be a bed of roses – complete with thorns. Especially thorns.

With diplomatic relations severed and humans expelled from Tolari space, the Earth Fleet ship Alexander is gone … for now … but Earth Central Command hasn’t given up trying to get Marianne back. As she struggles with surprises, nightmares, and a bond-partner who can’t be tamed, she just wants to figure out where she fits in a society that isn’t quite human.

Laura Howard, the Admiral’s widow, only desires to be left in peace to gather the fragments of a shattered heart, but Central Command has plans for her, too. And in the depths of Tolar’s ocean she finds an unexpected ally…

“…an absolute delight… everything a romance reader wants in a science fiction story!” – InD’Tale Magazine

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Laura Howard, Earth Fleet widow and exile from human space, found more than safety on Tolar: she captured the love of a Tolari ruler and became a powerful Tolari empath. But in the midst of ancient, bitter rivalries, a serious injury erases Laura’s time in Parania — and, perhaps, loses her the love of her Paran, who yearns for the woman she once was.

Armed only with the memories of her youth, and empathically bonded to a man she can no longer understand, she struggles to recover and find her place, and herself, before a hidden enemy forces the Paran to do what he had always considered unthinkable: risk his life, and Laura’s, to fight for the leadership of the ruling caste.

The Fall is the story of a world re-opened to the stars after millennia of isolation, and the hazards and opportunities that abound when one’s feelings are known to everyone around you.

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Two short stories from the author of The Marann and Daughters of Suralia:

First Contact
Diplomatic attache Smithton Adler Russell gets a call in the middle of the night.

Field Work
The ruler of Monralar is ambitious, ruthless, and out to unseat the Sural. Can one laborer put a stop to the Monral’s scheme before Tolar’s advanced technology is exposed to the Trade Alliance?

Into Tolari Space – The First Contact Stories

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NEW SERIES – Exiles of the Drift

The Tolari had finally broken centuries of silence, as the races of the Trade Alliance realized the empaths of Beta Hydri IV were not the primitives they seemed. But the first Tolari to leave their world was an exiled ruler, determined to cause trouble – for Tolari and humans alike.

The empathic Tolari of the Beta Hydri system shunned space travel for thousands of years. Farryn of Monralar tried to shake his people from their isolation–tried and failed, losing his honor in the process. Now an exile, he puts his past behind him by building his own criminal empire among the colonies of Earth.

Only Farryn’s estranged lover Sharana – scholar, political analyst, and one of the most powerful empathic sensitives on Tolar – dares to follow him into human space, desperate to find out what has become of him, hopeful of convincing him that she never betrayed him.

Unfortunately, Earth Central Security is watching, and Sharana has no idea what she is getting herself into.

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