Je Suis Le Monde

I should be writing.

But the horrible violence in Paris and in Beirut took the story words right out of me, and left this:

Why? Why do we humans resort to violence? What sense does it make to kill good people, innocent people, and why? Because they want something? Because they hate someone? WHY?

They’re going to have to sit down and talk to get what they want, so why not do that FIRST?

They hate a color, they hate a nationality, they hate a religion, they hate a race — WHY? Why do some people think killing innocents will get them what they want? Because we all know what it’s going to do — it’s just going to make more people angry, and then they will be just as determined never to let you have what you killed innocent people to get. Now everyone is angry. An eye for an eye, until the whole fucking world goes blind.

How about we sit down and talk instead of kill?

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