First Impressions of Windows 10

Windows 10 finally came to my machine this morning, a little late in the game, to be sure.

At first, the promised jump lists did not function. For Word, for example, a little arrow appeared beside its entry on the start menu, but neither mousing over it nor clicking it had any effect. One reboot later, and the jump list was back! I am so so happy not to have to create a desktop or taskbar shortcut for each and every manuscript to which I want quick access. So, yay for that.

Boo for the look. Win 10 is, if anything, uglier than Win 8. Flatter (whose idea was that?). Just as 64-ugly-colorish. With no options to get a 3D look back. What, was someone afraid that if they gave users a choice, we’d reject their bug-ugly idea? I clicked on the clock in the lower right-hand corner to check a date, and the nice compact little calendar had turned into a great, flat, ugly gray thing.

It’s really, at first blush, not terribly different from Win 8.1. Reintroduce the jump lists, stick the metro screen on the start menu, flatten the look even flatter than it was, and voila. I’m wondering if we’ve all been snookered.

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