Weather Beans

In a typical year here in Pittsburgh, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year, the “out like a lamb” memo seems to have been waylaid. April, however, which also came in like a lion, might have stolen the memo; the weather beans call for thunderstorms tomorrow, but they also suggest that it will be 63F.

While not ideal, this makes us happy.

Meanwhile, I’m still recharging my creative batteries while I wait for Farryn’s War to come back from the editor, and our good friend Tom Peters is working on the cover (and it’s going to be amazing). Once the file lands in my inbox (bleeding red pixels), I shall Get To Work on it.

Looking ahead — plans are afoot and ideas are bubbling for a sequel to Farryn’s War, and, further ahead, a story in which I might reveal some small part of the reason the Benefactors stole some people from Earth and planted them on Tolar in the first place.

I’ve also had a notion to turn Stranded into a series of short stories or novellas, woven inside and outside of the Tales of Tolari Space and the new series starting with Farryn’s War.

And those are my thoughts on Hump Day. How’s your week?

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