Which Way to Go

Here in Tolari Space, things have been rather quiet, which has resulted in an absence of posts to this blog. This time, I’m not going to apologize for being such an extreme introvert that even a daily tweet required more energy than I was left with after the book launch. It is what it is. Sometimes, I just need a break. But I’ve got a little energy back today, in the aftermath of a migraine that crippled me for close to a week, so my thoughts turned to What to Do Next.

The Fall is available (have you purchased your copy yet?), and the next book, Farryn’s War, is ready for my new editor. It’s time to look ahead to the next story. The problem is, there are lots of stories backed up in my head, and since none of them are pushing harder than the others to get out, I don’t know which one to write next.

1) I could, of course, continue the story where Farryn’s War leaves off. That would make a great deal of sense.

2) I give hints in The Fall and more hints in Farryn’s War of a story taking place alongside them; it begins in the time between the end of The Marann and the beginning of Daughters of Suralia, and it ends during Farryn’s War. It might be novella length; I’m not sure, as it hasn’t completely gelled.

3) The inimitable Bertie, whom I just love, deserves his own story.

4) A story involving Farric-as-Monral and his heir, a few years down the road, is brewing in my head. It would explain a few things, such as why I’ve made a point that Tolari have peds rather than feet. That wasn’t, by the way, a pointless mummery of deciding to use a different word to describe an everyday object. There’s a reason, and there are hints of it scattered here and there…

5) Backstory: the Sural’s rise to power, and the tragedies that accompanied it.

6) Backstory: Storaas. A man of many secrets…

7) Backstory: the Jorann.

8) Forwardstory: Rose as the Terelia. Pay careful attention to offhand comments in Daughters and The Fall and you won’t be surprised where that story goes.

9) And more.

As I said, lots of stories backed up in my head, but those are the main ideas at the moment. If you have a preference what you’d like to read about next, now’s the time to speak up!

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