Various Updates and Announcements

Wow. I am busy and loving it.

Pretty new editions of The Marann and Daughters of Suralia are now available. They are simple and clean, and they are copy-edited to within an inch of my life. The interior is printed in an attractive font and mildly stylish chapter titles. And, I promise you, the covers are not not not blurry. These editions look very nice.

But just wait until you see what I’m going to do with the next series. Mwah.

The Fall has various things going on. Advanced Reader Copies have gone to the publicist, who will be sending them out for reviews Real Soon Now ™. We are working with an artist to produce the cover, and it looks like I will get a signed #1 print of it. That’s very exciting!

Farryn’s War has turned into the first book of a new series. It’s a combination of SF noir, space opera, and romantic suspense, and it’s been one heck of a lot of fun to write. It’s enough of a departure from the atmosphere of Tales of Tolari Space, I think, to warrant its own series. I’ll announce the name of the series when I get closer to release. Right now, I am perhaps a few thousand words away from finishing the first draft. There will be nothing like the delay with this book that there was with The Fall.

How has the first week of 2015 been for you?

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