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I put The End on Farryn’s War. I probably need to entirely rewrite the last chapter–it need more internal and external dialog–but it ends in the right place, at the right time. So now I am going slowly through it for a first revision, adding narrative and getting deeper into the heads of my point of view characters. Of which there are a record low of only three in this story, when I’ve never had fewer than five. Or is it six? I’m rather proud of myself for limiting myself to three this time.

The cover for The Fall is being drawn by my husband’s old college roomie, Tom Peters (and very likely Farryn’s War will be as well). We are hoping for a reveal somewhere around Feb 7th or so.

I’m learning how use Adobe InDesign, yes I am. The reason for this lies in the fact that I am back to self-publishing, and I want to really rock the print layout for Farryn’s War. I don’t do a bad job on book layout, but my print editions, while clean, are simple, and they could definitely use looking a little more professional. I’m hoping that learning InDesign will help that.

And I’m utterly snowed under with reading as a first round judge for not one but two writing competitions. Color me a workaholic?

I like being busy.

What about you?

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