In which the Author sighs with relief

And so it begins. I wrote an email to my editor, attached the re-edited Daughters of Suralia manuscript, and clicked send. Within hours I received an acknowledgment; she had just begun to cast about for the next editing project. My timing was impeccable.

We shall see how she likes what I’ve done with it. I can hardly wait to find out, but I’m also incredibly relieved to finish that and get it out the door.

Meanwhile, my next project beckons: The Fall, which will be book 3 in the Tales of Tolari Space. It’s Laura’s story, and picks up exactly where Daughters leaves off — now a powerful empath, she returns to her Paran… but when old enemies plot against each other with Parania caught in the middle, Laura might have to face losing another husband.

More space opera-y politics in this one!

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