Time Warp: PhilCon Day 1

I’ve got a panel at 11pm this evening, so I thought I’d write up my Day 1 summary ahead of time, cuz I’m probably going to be too tired after midnight. Unless I’m at a party. Does PhilCon have parties? (We’ll find out!)

Around 3 or 4 this afternoon, I picked up my registration with the con. I probably ran into various folks that I’ve seen before: hopefully Sharon Lee & Steve Miller (whom I got to meet in person last night at the end of their Trade Secret Book Tour), maybe Lawrence M. Schoen, and others. Much joking and hellos and hilarity ensued, and then the husband and I wandered off to check out the panels we’re interested in listening to, such as possibly Good Science Fiction Spoiled By Bad Science at 8pm, or “Wool” and the Future of SF Publishing, also at 8pm, or The Effect of Mass Media Science Fiction on Literature, also also at 8pm, or “Meet The Pros” & Art Show Reception, also also also at 8pm (see a pattern here? yeah, it’s going to be one of those cons, way too many good things going on at the same time).

After much ignoring of tummy rumbles, I ducked up to my room to snack on the fruit and yogurt I brought, then went back downstairs and hung around the con suite until it was time for my panel, “They said WHAT about my book!?” Misleading or Embarrassing Blurbs. After that, I checked my notes from the party board (does PhilCon have a party board? We’ll find out!) and if there was anything promising, I schmoozed and had a great time until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and toddled off to bed.

Day 1 accomplished. Day 2 will be even more fun!

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