PhilCon 2013: Day Two – Time Warp the Other Way

My Saturday morning panel, They Aren’t Out There After All, was loads of fun. The rest of Day 2 was spent trying to convince the hotel that the heat in my room was out again.

Day 1 actually turned out pretty much like I predicted, except for fighting with the hotel all day about the [lack of] heat in my room. It took all day to convince the hotel staff that No, I’m Really Not So Stupid That I Can’t Work A Thermostat And The Room Is Really Cold.

They sent up a guy who opened the ceiling and discovered that Gee, The Heat Really Is Turned Off and turned it back on.

Friday night was, at least, warmer, although I had nightmares about how badly I slept in the cold Thursday night.

Honestly, I’ve had better nights of sleep in a Motel 6. I told them that, too.

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