PhilCon 2013: Day 3 – Back to the Present

Nothing like talking about sex at 10am on Sunday morning. Wearing Purple: Female Writers of a Certain Age was a blast. My own conclusion is that having your kids leave home is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and who said sex after 50 isn’t hot, anyhow?

The Future of Privacy at 2pm didn’t so much discuss the future of privacy as the outrage of the listeners at the NSA’s latest exploits.

We are back home and very, very tired in spite of all the fun we had. The heat went out in our room again in the wee hours of this morning, and we were awakened by cold air blowing over us from the heating vent. Oh joy. The husband immediately marched down to the desk and Had A Talk With Them. They sent up 2 blankets and a handyman, and there was heat after that, but no sleep. We were too angry.

The husband repeated The Talk with the day manager first thing this morning got one entire night knocked off our bill. We’re grateful for that, at least.

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