Tomorrow the husband and I are driving to Atlanta, Georgia for the RWA Nationals.

There’s a workshop that I really want to attend in every single time slot, and in some cases, two. So this should be fun, educational, and exhausting.

Thursday evening, I’ll find out if The Marann won the Prism award in the futuristic category. One of the books it’s up against was written by a RITA-award-winning author, so my hopes aren’t high — I made too many newbie mistakes to compete with that. Still, losing could well cast a pall over the weekend. If registering for the convention hadn’t been as expensive as it was, I might chicken out and not go.

But I did pay that much money, and I will be going, though the DH (that’s Dear Husband) will likely have to drag me, shaking and pale, to the awards ceremony.

If you’re a member of the FF&P chapter — I’ll be at the Gathering afterward, too. Hope to see you there!

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