A Hard Day’s Edit

I am buried in Marann edits. It’s left me with little energy for anything else, including this blog. For this, I apologize. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you can see daily progress updates. I really am here!

I’m one of those authors who truly enjoys editing my own work, so it’s not a bad thing that these edits have taken up so much of my energy. It’s actually fun.

When I’m not editing a chapter, I’m reading or, possibly, tinkering with a jigsaw puzzle while I think. It’s always useful to occupy my hands and part of my attention while my subconscious works out a thorny writing or editing problem, or if I just need to rest the creative bits of my brain. Watching a movie can help sometimes too. The hubby and I just watched John Carter, for instance, and while I was watching it, all my issues with the current chapter sorted themselves out. Yay!

Tomorrow, rather than go on to the next chapter, I will give the current one another going over and make sure I’m happy with it.

And so it continues.

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