Yep, It’s The Fall

I think I’ve settled on what project I’m going to stick to:The Fall. (Working title.) Laura and the Paran’s story.

All is not perfect in paradise — er, Parania, that is — and Laura’s happily-ever-after isn’t as trouble-free as anyone would have supposed. More Tolari culture, more world-building, and what happens when Tolari rulers go bad.

I’m doing major turn-it-upside-down revisions on this story, but it’s about 95% written. No promises, but I’m shooting to get this out the door by the end of the summer. It would be nice to have it released before I head to WorldCon 2013 at the end of August. (I’ll be there! Will you?)

No. Promises. Telling folks I’d have Daughters go live by the end of April dang near killed me, because that story just didn’t want to settle and I was still making major changes in mid-March. This time — well, I’ll give you a ballpark, but I refuse to be held to it. <grin>

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