Novels and Stories and Projects, Oh My

Right. So, after convincing me that setting up a pattern of romance-adventure-romance-adventure would be a good idea, my husband comes up to me this morning and tries to convince me to abandon Stranded and go back to working on The Fall.

“Why,” I ask, feeling as if the whirly thing over my head must surely be visible. And no, there was no question mark in my voice.

Because he’d noticed that the timeline is getting jerked around.

I released The Marann, and then I released Into Tolari Space, which goes back to before Marianne arrives. Then I released Daughters of Suralia, which starts about 3 months after The Marann ends. Stranded goes back into that 3 month period and starts before Daughters (and ends two years later, but still). If I release Stranded next, we’re going back in time. Again.

The Fall begins where Daughters leaves off, even if interstellar politics get ignored because this story heads off to Parania, where such things don’t matter very much (but you do get to see what happens when Tolari rulers misbehave).

Decisions, decisions.

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