A Different Point of View

      Somewhere in the
universe, there’s a planet with two suns and a population of bird-like sapients.
These aliens are split between the more populous iVokh and a smaller number of
Vokh. Their level of technology is low. With no animals that can be used as
beasts of burden, and several that will happily eat one of our sentient birds,
communication is slow, and travel is dangerous. And, apparently, being smart
enough to make significant discoveries is dangerous too.
      This is the world
AC Flory drops you into with her debut novel Vokhtah. No humans exist here to ease your transition! You follow a
healer and a young trader apprentice through a series of adventures as the
healer tries to save his world from itself.
      I really enjoyed
this book. I hope you do too.

One thought on “A Different Point of View

  1. Thanks Christie. Given how wonderful your world of Tolar is, I feel honoured you'd visit mine! I'm looking forward to the launch of Daughters of Suralia. 🙂

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